How does helpros work?

The easies and most convenient way to get an oil change or a brake change.

  • Provide the oil and filter / brake pad or rotor.

  • Download our helpros app


With just a tap, a PROS will come to you.  And that's it!  

You pay the same rate no matter how long the PROS work.

No phone calls

No quotes

No appointments

One flat rate

Satisfaction guaranteed

How do PROS work with helpros?

Helpros is a network of expert service providers (PROS). They are Independent contractors apply to join our network. Every service providers goes through an extensive screening process that includes background, criminal, and reference checks. Once approved, mechanics are booked for jobs through helpros.

How soon can I get a PRO?

We have mechanics available 7 days a week.  We are able to provide services in minuets upon request depending on traffic. You can see service accepted once a PRO had accepted.

What is your hourly rate?

We don’t charge for our services based on time. We give you a fair and transparent labor price, we  don't like the idea of quote.  We give flat right to our customers, this way our customer don't have to worry about if the price is suitable to them.  You'll see the service price when you request the service.  You pay the same price whether it takes less or more time for the PROS to complete the service. We calculate the price based on an estimated time per service.  We want to give the best price to our customers.

Billing issues?

Please send an email to . Please provide your account information (phone number or email) when you contact us.  Or click here to use our form.

Where can I find my receipt?

You will receive a copy of the receipt via your email.

App crash?

We are constantly working on improving our app.  If you've encounter crashes while using our app, please contact us via  Describe the best as you can of the crash, be sure to tell us the email account you sign in with and your name.  Our tech team will try to solve it ASAP.